As a long-time British psychotherapist, I’ve worked with people experiencing all kinds of life issues from depression and anxiety, to difficult personality disorders. I believe everyone has the ability to live a satisfying life and if you are experiencing anything which you feel is compromising how you live, then maybe working together would be a good start to helping you move forward.

Too often, people are stuck relying on outdated help and support, and in our modern world, the old therapeutic paradigm doesn’t work well any more. I’d like you to know that if we work together, then things will be different, and I believe different in a good way.

Please Note: As a British Psychotherapist I am not licensed in any US State and I cannot offer traditional Psychotherapy. However, if you wish to change something in your life I can still work with you. Go to my Personal Change Facilitation page for more info.

How I Work:

For psychotherapy, there are two ways I work.

Options One – Cost £65 ($80) per week

  1. We work online via WhatsApp.
  2. We have a video chat every week for 30 minutes.
  3. I check in with you everyday on WhatsApp (Mon-Fri).
  4. You message me via WhatsApp everyday (Mon-Fri) with how you are doing, or with a question, or if you need some support. Sometimes we even do experiments online to try out different ways of approaching your life issues, and doing this in near-real-time can be helpful.
  5. This continues as long as you want to work with me.

Option Two – Cost £50 ($62) per week

  1. We work online via WhatsApp and email.
  2. I check in with you everyday on WhatsApp (Mon-Fri).
  3. You can message me or email me (up to three separate times a day) with how you are doing, or if you have a question or need some support (Mon-Fri).
  4. This continues as long as you want to work with me.

I like to keep things simple, and affordable because I know for most people, therapy can be extremely expensive for not much in return. I’m also the type of therapist who will challenge you to be accountable for your thoughts, feelings and actions. I like people to work towards goals, which I can help you with as I am not a passive therapist.

I do hope you will reach out and contact me at or use the contact form.