Personal Change Facilitation

As a Personal Change Facilitator I can help you change something in your life that isn’t satisfying to you. Sometimes we just want to talk through the options of moving from point A to point B that doesn’t mean ‘being in therapy‘. And changing some aspects of your life doesn’t need to be a complicated affair, sometimes it more about getting started in the right direction and having a clear goal than trying to understand every aspect of yourself. In fact, most people can find the right path to follow after two or three sessions.

Typical Things I Can Help You With:

  • Work issues (inc. realistic goal setting/communication/relationships)
  • Personal confidence building
  • General life melancholia and lack of motivation
  • Relationship guidance: personal, sexual, divorce
  • Reversing diabetes, prediabetes, or metabolic syndrome

How I Work:

Cost £80 UK / $100 US per weekly session

We work completely online via Zoom, WhatsApp and email.

  1. Every week we check in for 20 minutes on Zoom.
  2. We set weekly (and often daily) goals and I will contact you daily on WhatsApp (Mon-Fri) to see how you are progressing.
  3. You can message me via email or Whatsapp throughout the day/week whenever you have a question or feel stuck.
  4. We work as long as you think I can help you reach your goal. Nothing more.

My philosophy is simple — Change doesn’t need not be hard — but sometimes we can get lost without knowing which path to take. My aim is to help you figure out the direction you want to go, and then support you as you take responsibility for what needs to be done.

The way I work isn’t the same as therapy. I am more active/goal focused and do ask a lot from my clients with regard to achieving goals. But I also help you get results and that’s what it is all about .

I can seem tough and challenging at times but you will grow from it.  Please don’t be put off, I am also caring and thoughtful and know that life isn’t a straight line. And it is most definitely easier to get through it with a helping hand!

Please note: If you are in the USA and you think you have a serious mental health issue, I would encourage you to seek a counselor in your area.

I do hope you will reach out and contact me at or use the contact form.