Let’s face it, sometimes losing fat can be a hard task. It’s not that losing body fat is necessarily hard, it just keeping motivated and knowing what to do can be a problem. There are a million different diets out there, and they all claim to be able to help you lose pounds in days. But the reality is, that’s not helpful. To lose body fat healthily and sustainable, it needs to be a process  that comes about from good advice that makes the task simple and, dare I say it, enjoyable.

Not all diets suit everybody. And typically, if you’ve been on multiple diets in your life and lost weight, only to gain it back again, then each successive time you try to lose weight it will get harder. My plan is to teach you the reality of what is happening in your body and how you can lose weight at a pace that works for your body and not your ego.

Sure, we’d all like to lose 10-20 pounds in a week or two, but if you do that, then the likelihood is that you’ve lost weight in an unhealthy manner and you’ll probably gain that weight back and then some. This leads to yo-yo dieting and discouragement.

I don’t use  crazy diets, just good advice backed by the latest research. I will educate you on the right foods to eat, and how to exercise (or not) to maximize your fat loss.

How I Work:

For fat loss, this is how I work.

Cost £80 ($100) per week

  1. We work online via WhatsApp.
  2. We have an initial 30 minute video chat and I’ll explain to you my program and how you will lose weight.
  3. I will send you a guide on what you should be eating, and how you should be exercising; plus a sample two week meal plan.
  4. Everyday you will message me what you are eating so I can see and comment on your food.
  5. Everyday you will message me with any exercise you have done.
  6. Everyday you will message me with how much sleep you had.
  7. Once a week you will message me your weight so I can keep track of your progress.
  8. You can message or email me with questions on daily food choices (Mon-Fri).
  9. This continues as long as you want to work with me.

Having the right information and daily feedback is a great way to stay motivated. For me to see exactly what you are eating everyday will keep you accountable and for most people that is the biggest thing. Changing lifestyle choices can be hard, but with me in your corner you know every choice you are making will be the right one.

I do hope you will reach out and contact me at fatloss@drewcoster.com or use the contact form.