There are several factors that go into changing an aspect of ourselves and reaching a set goal, but for me, the driving force behind carrying out a change plan is having confidence in knowing that one isn’t alone in this endeavor. Having a support system in place, for most of us, is essential. Knowing that there is somebody there that will walk with us on our path to change can be invaluable and my belief is that as part of a team, you can achieve anything that you put work into.

I work with people virtually from all over the world and if you think you could do with professional guidance and support then do contact me anytime and let’s figure out how we can help you be successful in your change journey.


If you are struggling internally with emotional and cognitive issues such as depression, anxiety, guilt, anger or other mental health issues then let us work together to help you find a more satisfying way to live. With 16 years experience there is nothing I haven’t worked with.

Personal Change Facilitation & Coaching

If you have practical issues that you wish to change and they’re not necessarily linked to emotional wellbeing or mental health, then let us work together to reach your change issues. These issues might be things such as changing job, interviewing practice, coming out to your parents or some other daily life challenge.

Reverse Diabetes, Prediabetes or Metabolic Syndrome

If you have or have recently discovered that your blood health needs to improve then I can guide you to better health. Using the latest research I will help you reverse your condition quickly and easily with good information and daily guidance.

Out Now: My new book.

Cleanse Your Blood: The Complete No-nonsense Guide to Reversing Diabetes, Prediabetes and Metabolic Syndrome.

Cleanse Your Blood Book

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Fat Loss

If you want to lose some body fat and are frustrated that traditional plans haven’t worked for you, then let me educate you and guide you through the daily process of losing body fat. No gimmicks, no fab diets, just good information based on the latest research.